Ruminations on GameB, P2P, collapse, regenerative cultures, psychedelics and music. Idle speculations you are doing well to ignore.

I have been working with the Cooperativa Integral Catalana - you can see me and others talking about it in the documentary Autogestió - also the Ecoxarxa Garrotxa, and until recently FairCoop.

My main interest is in regenerative solutions to repair the damage done by our destructive default culture, what is known as Game A, and taking steps to implement an alternative, otherwise known as Game B.

"Harvest volatility, and be a part of the solution.” ― Yak Collective Don’t Waste the Reboot

Other interests are meditation, or what might be called Non-Dual Awakening, walking in the mountains, and playing and listening to all kinds of music. If you read some blog entries you will get a picture of what I am up to and what I am into.

I am on Mastodon @[email protected] (and the surveillance capitalism networks too).

You can see a selection of my photography at