Seventies Scandinavian Childhood

“Practice is about opening ourselves so that this little ā€œIā€ that wants and wants and wants and wants and wants – that wants the whole world to be its parents, really- grows up.” Charlotte Joko Beck (quoted in Essential Zen, edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Tensho David Schneider) photo credit: premasagar

Second Arrow

“Never have a second arrow. If you rely on a second arrow you will be careless with the first. Every time you must be convinced that you have only one chance and that you must hit your target with your one and only arrow.” Kenko Khosi, from ‘Notes to Relieve Tedium‘

The Bubble Burst

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Stock Market bubble bursting, or the financial bubble has burst or whatever, but what it really seems to be is that the whole bubble of our culture is about to burst. And why? For the same reason that these big financial institutions are in trouble: when something gets […]

Make My Day

This may sound kind of trite but I think if you can find one or two things that ‘make your day’ every day, then you will have an enjoyable life. For example some people left comments on a post I made on another blog and it just left me with a feeling of being noticed, […]