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13, Aug guyadmin

You may have noticed (unless you're reading via an RSS reader), that this blog has changed format. I am (as usual) trying to do several things at once: I have moved away from WordPress and am now using Grav, which is a flat file CMS, no database.

This means I can update the blog simply by writing MarkDown files on my computer and then using git to upload them first to GitHub (may move to another git server when it's all sorted as I'm not super-happy about Microsoft buying GitHub, but I didn't want to totally overwhelm myself at first), then they are synchronised onto the server I use for my website.

I am hoping that it will use less memory and load faster than the old one, in addition to being easier to update for me, which means I will post much more, I hope! I am also planning to do a tor version and maybe DAT and Holochain versions too.

There are still a lot of things to do, but I thought I had already waited so long to make this change, that I just decided to put it online in an unfinished state and then improve it from there, rather than try to have everything perfect before making it public.

So you may (will) find broken links and images missing etc at first. A bit like moving into a house while it's still being built, but I think the roof is not too leaky at least.

My old blog is still visible at 2018.guyjames.com by the way.

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