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Eczema As Koan Part 3: The Way Out

This is part three of my account of how I came to experience full healing from a very severe experience of eczema lasting several years. Part one is here and part two is here. I have covered my journey of healing and discovery up until this point, which took the form of a voyage into […]

Standing at the Gates of Hell

Eczema as Koan Part 1

About four years ago I spilt up with my girlfriend and subsequently became rather ill – I was eventually hospitalised and on admission the first nurse who saw me in a hospital gown assumed I had been burnt in a house fire, so badly destroyed was the weeping, bleeding skin all over my body. I […]

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Rock Bottom

The recent article by Josh Ellis ‘Everyone I Know Is Brokenhearted’ which has apparently gone viral, seems to have struck a chord among large numbers of people seriously disaffected by the current state of affairs in which we find ourselves. I also read a moving companion piece in ‘A counterpoint for the brokenhearted’ in which […]