Just BEING is a Revolutionary Act

By which I mean, just ‘being’ without doing anything, thinking anything in particular, or trying to be anyone special.

In this way we are not ‘productive’, we are not caught in the trap of ‘becoming’, we are not placing hope in an illusory ‘future’ which acts as a drug to stop us seeing the reality of how things are right now.

We are defying the corporate mindset that all people have to be efficient cogs in the machine, the machine which will deliver us to our inevitable technological Utopia.

Of course, sometimes we have to be productive, have to be part of the machine, but it helps our soul to forget about all of that just for a few seconds and be whatever we happen to be in that moment, as imperfect as it may be.

If this seems like nonsense to you, maybe you are so embedded in the prevalent corporate mindset that you are unable to see outside of it. Just stop, and gently ask yourself if you really think for yourself or if your mind has been programmed for you by others.

Photo by Pille Kirsi from Pexels