About Me

Guy James

Ruminations on GameB, P2P, collapse, regenerative cultures, Web3.0, psychedelics and music.

Currently working with BEYØND DAO.

In the past I have worked with the Cooperativa Integral Catalana - you can see me and others talking about it in the documentary Autogestió - also the Ecoxarxa Garrotxa, and FairCoop. For more details see the CV page.

In my opinion humanity is approaching a threshold: we are in an extended process of birthing a new consciousness. The increasing collapse of default systems, both internal and external, is part of this, and the outcome is not assured. My interest is in stepping up to help the transition and in building the systems we need.

“Harvest volatility, and be a part of the solution.” ― Yak Collective Don’t Waste the Reboot

Other interests are meditation, walking in the mountains, and playing and listening to all kinds of music. If you read some blog entries you will get a picture of what I am up to and what I am into.

I am on Mastodon @[email protected] and Twitter.

My newsletter is at ghost.guyjames.com.

You can see a selection of my photography at photos.guyjames.com.

My music is at music.guyjames.com