The endless sweep of the horizon

From my window seat, the sea

Gazing past the concrete holiday boxes

Today the wind is fierce

A hulk with two cranes shelters distantly in the bay

Overpowering banks of light trained on the shore

Pin points as

The sun sinks into the grey beyond

The steel sides groan against the waves

Its lights now become the sun

We can only know the endless by that which seems to end

The great ship made tiny by the sea

But where do I end and the waves begin?

In my dream I saw the same ship before now

Lashed by terrible storms

The empty vessel facing a grey sky alone

Like the boat in my mother’s painting

Unconsciously waiting for the end

Untethered and drifting towards emptiness

Are we lovers of truth?

What you love becomes the cornerstone of your life

Your limitations show the glory of the endless

The body’s empty vessel must be lost to the waves one day

But what remains

Holds the sea and sky in its gaze

Let the endless breakers roll to the horizon

Where do I begin?

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels