This site is now on IPFS

Thanks to, this site is now mirrored using the decentralised IPFS network. The direct link is, but easier to use the subdomain at

Nice to know that I can’t be censored when I break out the news that Bill Gates is secretly developing a new mandatory vaccine which connects recipients to the forthcoming 6G mobile network using embedded receivers in the eyelid (joke).

IPFS is one of the most exciting new technologies around at the moment, maybe actually starting to realise the promise of Internet 3.0, which is itself a reboot of the original decentralised premise of the Internet. Fleek makes it super-easy to convert a static site based on Hugo (like this one), or using one of the other popular site generators like Gatsby or Jekyll. This gives time-poor people the opportunity to avail themselves of exciting new tech without spending ages learning how to do it and configuring it - I set this up in literally five minutes.

The other nice decentralised thing I found out about today thanks to the Re-Decentralize Digest newsletter is radicle - a decentralised collaborative version of Git.