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My newsletter is well under way now, with a series on Dark Forces, coordination failures, myth, metaphor, DAOs, psychedelics, philosophy etc. now reaching part five: Do Look Up - John Lilly and the Solid State Intelligence.

In the series I go into the possible reasons why ‘we can’t have nice things’: Are autonomous ‘dark forces’ conspiring to enslave us to their techno-agenda? Is it simply a series of coordination failures or a tragedy of the commons? Were people like Rudolf Steiner, Terrence McKenna and John C. Lilly onto something, on drugs, or merely crackpots? What roles do myth and storytelling play in all of this?

The newsletter is in part a product of the writing course I have been doing led by Daniel Pinchbeck, and the intention is eventually to compile the posts into a book. At the moment there is no paid tier, everything is free.

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