Rieki is the co-founder of the SEEDS project which is a community dedicated to the regeneration of the biosphere by means of coordination through Web3 tools (and Web2, there is a Discord and Telegram too).

We go into where SEEDS is at now as a project and the new regenerative villages initiative and its implications, communities vs economies, work vs inspiration, and so on.

Thanks to Rieki for a very interesting conversation! Hopefully we can do another one soon and I will link up my decent camera and mic rather than using the built-in ones on my old Thinkpad.

Guy and Rieki talk about SEEDS

And thanks to George Ash for the timestamps on the call, so you can just jump to the topic you’re interested in if you prefer:

00:00 Intro & why this call 01:27: Intro & Question

1: How success is measured in a village DHO 03:24: Intro & Question

2: Why villages and land backed tokens for regeneration? 03:37: Intro & Question

3: What’s the way forward with economic vs community relationships 03:49: Overview of why seeds isn’t popular yet -——————————- 05:30:

Section 1: Overview on how success can be measured 07:26:

Sec 1.1: Measuring success: Importance of governance & metrics 12:37:

Sec 1.2: Measuring success: Prescription vs protocols 16:38:

Sec 1.3: Measuring success: Importance of diversity of opensource culture 19:52:

Sec 1.4: Measuring success: Seeds Dashboard 21:35:

Sec 1.5: Measuring success: overview of Gitbook -——————————- 25:10:

Section 2: Overview of regenerative villages and land-based tokens 27:52:

Sec 2.1: Regenerative villages: How we could set up 34:22:

Sec 2.2: Regenerative villages: valuing and governing regenerative villages 45:43:

Sec 2.3: Regenerative villages: Role of village communities, coaching & mindsets in regeneration 52:45:

Sec 2.4: Regenerative villages: Starting your journey with regenerative villages 55:58:

Sec. 2.5: Regenerative villages: helping seeds through regenerative villages -——————————- 1:03:23:

Section 3: Community relationships overview 1:07:26:

Sec 3.1: Community relationships: Seasons for 3 months and reducing burnouts 1:28:20:

Sec 3.2: Community relationships: leveraging selfishness to reduce economic sufferings 1:34:00:

Sec 3.3: Community relationships is the same as economic relationships -——————————- 1:38:12:

Conclusion: Where the seeds community is at the moment